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Monsieur Pussycat kittens are socialised and are used to being surrounded by other cats. They are raised with us in the house and in an adapted cattery; they are used to household noises. It is important to have a very sociable kitten, which lets itself be handled and caressed. The character evolves a lot, the desire to play too, especially with its new owner; their behaviour is therefore not possible to predict. Persians have a particularly placid character and the parents of our kittens are selected on this criterion.

How to Adopt

When kittens are available, a notice will be posted on my site. 

Kittens are available for reservation from the age of about one month. This gives them time to grow, and gives me the opportunity to confirm their traits and possibly the colour of their eyes.

You can put an option on a kitten so that I know you are interested. However, this does not constitute a reservation. So, if I have another request, I will contact you immediately to find out what you have decided. If you are not reachable, I give 24 hours to hear from you before offering the kitten to another home.

A kitten is reserved when I receive a deposit equivalent to the amount of one third of the reserved kitten. A reservation must be agreed by telephone beforehand or by email with me.
 In case of withdrawal on your part, the deposit will not be refunded.


If you reserve your kitten early enough, you may choose his or her first name starting with the letter of the current year corresponding with the pedigree. 



Kittens will join their new families after a minimum of age three months. 

The kitten's new owner will pick up the new family member from me after agreeing on an appointment date. For reasons of safety, I do not let a kitten leave without a transport cage. 


Kittens will be registered in the Livre des Origins Suisse (LOS). They will therefore have a pedigree, the only concrete proof of belonging to a breed.  The pedigree will be given to you after complete payment for the kitten has been received. The pedigree takes a long time to arrive. Be patient, upon receipt, and after payment of the total amount owed for the kitten, it will be sent to you. It may take up to three months.


  1. I provide a certificate of good health for the kitten established by a veterinarian during the second vaccination of the kitten, at three months.

  2. I provide a sales contract.

  3. The pedigree will be delivered when payment has been fully received.

  4. I provide copies of both parents' negative PKD disease tests.


I provide a kit for you to take home with your kitten, which containing a small bag of kibble if it is available.



Kittens are vaccinated at the age of two months for Typhus Coryza diseases (TC).  They are vaccinated again at three months, because I want my kittens to  definitively vaccinated before going to their new homes. This does not increase the price of the kitten, it is a personal choice. If possible, I will add the rabies vaccine (TCLR) as well as a passport request. The boosters (TCL+ R possibly) will thus have to be done every three years.


Kittens will have been regularly dewormed, it's up to you to continue. For products and frequency, contact a veterinarian.  It is advisable to deworm a kitten every month from three to six months then two to four times a year thereafter.

The parents of my kittens are tested PKD (genetic analysis) negative, and FIV and FeLV negative (blood tests); I canprovide copies of these tests. The PKD disease is a dominant genetic disease present in Persians. This means that if parents are negative, the baby is.  FIV and FeLV diseases are transmissible diseases between cats; take care to avoid contact with stray cats.


I would like you to get in touch with a veterinarian before picking up your kitten, so that he or she can be informed of the kitten's arrival, and so that you can react quickly in the event of a problem. Preferably choose a veterinarian who provides night shifts. Otherwise, find a place open at night in addition to the veterinarian. In emergency situations, it's good not to have to think, especially when your kitten's life is at stake. 


Runny eyes, sneezing, loss of appetite or alertness should immediately lead you to consult your veterinarian. Don't let problems set in, react quickly. It will be better for your kitten, for your sanity and your wallet.


It takes about a week  for a kitten to get used to its new home. It may therefore be that during this period, he or she shows signs of diarrhea or a an absence appetite and therefore absence of waste in the litter. After 48 hours, you must react by going to see your veterinarian. The faster your kitten adapts to your home, the less likely it is to develop problems. Remember that cats are all carriers of potential problems, which manifest themselves during stress. The change of owner is very well known for this situation, as well as moving, the introduction of new animals, etc.


Presentation to other animals should be treated with care. My kittens have lived with other cats and are used to it, but you never know. It may be preferable to isolate the kitten from other animals for a few days in order for it to get used to its surroundings. You may then introduce other animals gently and in a controlled and positive way through meetings supervised by yourself, in order to give the kitten confidence.

Do not let a Persian out into the wild.  Your cat is expensive and it may quite likely be stolen from you. Beautiful Persian coats can also easily become damaged and knotted when exposed to the elements. Your cat is also more likely to be exposed to illness and face dangers of the world around us (cars, predators, etc.).


Your transport cage should with a good blanket or a good cushion.  When you pick up the kitten, and if you have to go see your veterinarian, it will be necessary. Make sure your cage is not too small; your cat will grow quickly!



For any questions, I am at your disposal. My contact details are available on the welcome page of this site. It's always better to put your trust in a breeder or animal health professional rather than searching for information yourself on the Internet.

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